Anatomy of Obsession

by Tourniquet

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released March 27, 2016

Mixed and engineered by Len Carmichael at Landmine Studio in Ewing, NJ



all rights reserved


Tourniquet New Jersey

Little Chris

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Track Name: Ruins of Distress
Stare into the eyes of deliverance
Bleed for me
Fall to your knees to speak in tongues
Soul leaves body
You are nothing, merely a muse of endless suffering

Rejected facade of grace
Ashes pouring from golden gates
Eden reduced to ruin
Statues fall and your prayers go unanswered
Black skies
Angels wings severed

Weight of your sins will tear you apart
Divine wrath upon the wicked

You spend your life in silence
Constantly searching for that of a sacred sound
Awaiting the appearance of nothing
Black... cold... grave.
The stone on which you lay

Tear down your idol of false faith

From nothing you came, be sent back
The pain in your life can't be tamed
The knife at your flesh will not stop
The blood in your mouth is not your own
Track Name: One Sixteen
The stories, they fall one by one
And your feet can't move as fast as your mouth

Cry into jars just to bathe yourself in sorrow
But I'd rather let you drown yourself in the sea
I've realized there's nothing left so I'd love to watch the life run from your eyes

Separate you from life
Bleed you like a pig for anything

Overtaken by the dirt, it piles up
Soon there's nothing left to be seen

Buried in shit
Bury the past
You'll rot away
Track Name: Five Year Torment
I can't bury you
I'm not strong enough
But if I could, would I cut you away?
From the past, what would bite back?
Would it haunt me?
Left with nothing but twisted memories

Fields decay
Minds raped
Stuck with your bitter taste

Here is the blade, cut yourself away

Vows exchanged twist to nothingness
Spitting in the face of the cherished

I've swallowed keys and I've locked doors
I bled myself on the coldest floors

Crush my soul
I don't want to feel
Track Name: Lacerate
Find yourself bound in thorns
Skin exposed
Bleeding, tattered, worn
Weakness flows from your face
I am the reason you're in pain

Snuff you out in the coldest light
You're all force fed bullshit
Believe the strings of lies

Shatter your knees
Beat you to submission

When the mask you hide behind is far worse than your true face
I'll be the one to peel you back and make you feel disgrace
To clip the wings of a bat
Die smothered in a veil of lace

Sever the strings that hold flesh to flesh
That hold neck to body
To hold your head would be ideal